Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Line Goes On A "Rampage"

From BigGameHunter ( comes word that Warners' New Line Cinema continues to develop a big screen version, for producer John Rickard ("Final Destination"), of the 1986 Bally Midway arcade game "Rampage".

That game spawned five Atari home video games including "Rampage: Total Destruction" released in 2006.

Premise has players taking control of gigantic monsters trying to survive against military forces, with each level completed only when a specific city is reduced to rubble.

Up to three simultaneous players control the monsters 'George' (a "King Kong"-like gorilla), 'Lizzie' (a "Godzilla"-like dinosaur), or 'Ralph' (a giant 'werewolf'), created from mutated humans.

When they were humans, George was a normal middle aged man, Lizzie was a young woman and Ralph was an elderly man, but they were experimented on at 'Scumlabs'.

As monsters, they raze all buildings in a high-rise city to advance to the next level, eating people and destroying helicopters, tanks, taxis and police cars along the way.

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Rampage: Total Destruction"...