Monday, May 28, 2012

"The Avengers": 'Hellcat' Was There Man

Thanks to TorontoCatWoman.Com, take a look at 'Patsy Walker' aka 'Hellcat", one of Marvel Comics' 'empowered' female "Avengers" past and present, that could be in consideration for the developing Disney/Marvel 3D feature "The Avengers 2".
'Patricia "Patsy" Walker', aka 'Hellcat', debuted as the star of the comic book teen romantic-comedy series "Miss America Magazine" #2 (Nov. 1944), published by Marvel precursor Timely Comics.
In Marvel's "The Avengers' #144 (Feb. 1976), after graduating high school and marrying high-school sweetheart 'Robert "Buzz" Baxter', Patsy Walker became an assistant to scientist 'Hank McCoy', aka mutant superhero the 'Beast', on hiatus from the 'X-Men'. 
Estranged from her husband, Walker befriends McCoy and, desiring to become a superhero, tags along on an adventure with the superhero team the 'Avengers'. 
She adopts an ability-enhancing costume that formerly belonged to 'Greer Grant Nelson', aka the 'Cat and dubs herself 'Hellcat'. "This suit seems to know what to do all by itself!" she says in the story. "I always was pretty coordinated, with my surfing and skiing — but now I'm Olympic material!"
After having used her natural athletic abilities and good instincts to rescue the Avengers, Walker is offered membership in the team.
Soon she developed a sense for mystical phenomena or those touched by mystical energy, with the ability to use a 'force field' to deflect mystical attacks.  
She is also able to summon her costume at will and is a well-trained martial artist, having been taught by both 'Captain America' and 'Moondragon'.
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