Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Megan Fox Doing "Ninja Turtles"

According to director Michael Bay, actress Megan Fox who co-starred in Bay's 2010 "Transformers" feature, will re-team with the director to star in Platinum Dunes' live-action/CG "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" movie, currently prepping for an April 2013 start.

"We are bringing Megan Fox back into the family," said Bay who will cast Fox as 'April O'Neil'.

'April O'Neil' was a reporter and ally to the humanoid-mutant turtles 'Leonardo', 'Michelangelo', 'Donatello', 'Raphael and the humanoid-rat 'Splinter'.

Created by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird for Mirage Studios' comic book "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" #2 (October 1984), 'April O'Neil' was a skilled computer programmer and worked as an assistant for 'Baxter Stockman', helping to program his 'Mouser' robots and demonstrating their operation.

After she discovered that Baxter was using the Mousers to burrow into bank vaults and steal from them, she attempted to flee Baxter's workshop and found herself in the sewers running for her life, with several Mousers in pursuit. The 'Turtles' save her, fending off a Mouser invasion after Baxter programmed them to attack the Turtles.

In the 1987 "TMNT" animated TV series, April O'Neil was a television reporter for 'Channel 6 News', employed by 'Burne Thompson', though she expressed frequent disagreement with his assignments due to her headstrong nature and passion for her work.

In the first "TMNT" motion picture, April was again a TV reporter, this time for 'Channel 3 News' working for 'Charles "Chuck" Pennington', covering stories on mysterious thefts in New York City whose culprits vanished without a trace. 

One night when leaving work, she was accosted by teenage thieves in league with the 'Foot Clan', but the Turtles appeared and saved her under the cover of darkness. In the aftermath April discovered and grabbed Raphael's lost 'sai', but Raphael soon followed her and took back the weapon and saved her again when she was attacked by a group of Foot Ninja in the Subway while trying to fight them off with her purse. 

Unsure what to do with her, Raphael carried her unconscious to their sewer lair. Though her fearful reaction upon seeing the Turtles and Splinter initially got the better of her, April eventually came to regard the Turtles as friends, and even allowed them to live in her apartment after the Foot Clan discovered and destroyed the sewer dwellings. Vigilante 'Casey Jones' develops a romantic interest and by the end of the film, April realizes she loves him.

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