Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ack! Ack! IDW's "Mars Attacks"

IDW Publishing's new "Mars Attacks" comic book series, written by John Layman and illustrated by John McCrea is now available :
I'm a huge fan of 'Mars Attacks' from a long way back," said Layman. 
"I own own about half the original card set from 1962 and have a big collection of collectables and doodads.
"It's always been a dream of mine to destroy the Earth...with this 'Mars Attacks' series, I finally get my chance."
The first issue shipped with 55 different covers each depicting one of the original trading cards from the 1962 debut set of "Mars Attacks !"
A complete collector's set of all 55 covers in a box replicating the original card packaging is also being offered.
Topps' "Mars Attacks", 'space adventure' bubblegum trading cards were created in 1962.
The ruthless, Martian inter-planetary invasion premise of the cards was subsequently adapted by director Tim Burton for the 1996 feature "Mars Attacks!".
"We are excited to be partnering with Topps on this classic brand," said Greg Goldstein, IDW’s Chief Operating Officer.
"Mars Attacks" was created by Len Brown and Woody Gelman, after Brown was 'inspired' by illustrator Wally Wood's 1950's cover to EC Comics' "Weird Science" #16.
The cards were illustrated by crime pulp magazine cover illustrator Norm Saunders.
Topps revived the franchise in the mid 1990's with a second card set, comic book series and toy line.
"When looking for a comics partner for Mars Attacks, we wanted a publisher with the right creative sensibilities and an appreciation of our brand’s fifty-year legacy," said Ira Friedman, Topps/VP, Global Licensing.
""There’s no doubt that IDW will provide a great home for us. We’re looking forward to 'Mars Attacks' complementing their existing stable of powerhouse franchises."
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