Monday, November 5, 2012

"Willard" Has An Affinity For Rats

Sneak Peek in its entirety, director Daniel Mann's classic 1971 horror classic "Willard", starring Bruce Davison and Ernest Borgnine, based on the 1969 novel "Ratman's Notebooks" by Stephen Gilbert :

"...socially awkward 'Willard' lives in a large mansion with his cranky mother for company, developing a strange affinity for rats.

"On his 27th birthday he leaves a party out of embarrassment. While sitting outside he sees a rat and tosses it pieces of birthday cake. The next morning he goes out and feeds another rat while imitating their squeaks. His mother starts telling him that he needs to kill the rats that have been running around their yard, to which Willard refuses.

"Willard begins playing with a rat he names 'Queenie', and tries to teach it words like 'food'. He sees a white rat that becomes his best companion and he names it 'Socrates' for his wisdom. Numerous other rats come to him, one of which is a giant specimen he names 'Ben'.

"Willard finds new friends among the rats that will do his every bidding...until they turn against him..."

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