Monday, December 17, 2012

"Star Trek Into Darkness" Spoilers

Sneak Peek a spoiler synopsis of the special "Star Trek Into Darkness" nine-minute prologue that was screened before the first IMAX showing of "The Hobbit", December 14, 2012 :

"...London Stardate, 2259.55.

"...a futuristic London is established with buildings stretching out towards the horizon. 


"An alarm goes off in a bedroom and a giant dog jumps into the bed of a married couple (Noel Clarke, Nazneen Contractor). 


"Together they take their hover car through the country side to a hospital. 


"While talking to a doctor, patients glide by asleep on hovering gurneys.  


"The couple stand over the bed of a little girl. The sick child looks very ill. A stuffed toy is replaced with a new toy. The mother is filled with grief, but the man is fueled with rage. 


"Standing outside, someone speaks from behind the husband's shoulder.

"I can save her," the voice says.

Startled the husband responds "What did you say?"

The voice repeats itself, "Your daughter, I can save her."

"Who are you?" the husband asks. 

"Zoom in on a well-dressed man (Benedict Cumberbatch).


'Planet Nibiru'

'Kirk' (Chris Pine), clutching what appears to be scrolls, runs through a red-hued field , with a pack of locals chasing after him. Suddenly a CG monster breaks through the red brush. But Kirk jumps aside and stuns it with his phaser.

"You just stunned our ride!" yells 'Bones' (Karl Urban) as the pair continue to run.


"A shuttlecraft hovers above the planet's active volcano, as 'Nyota Uhura' (Zoe Saldana) preps a red-suited  'Spock' (Zachary Quinto) for a mission. His mission is to freeze the volcano and stop the planet's destruction, without being detected by the inhabitants.

"Uhura cracks a few jokes, Spock reply with his 'illogical' shtick and it's clear that these two are a romantic item.

"'Hikaru Sulu' (John Cho) is also on board and he remains silent as Uhura gives Spock a goodbye kiss on his helmet.

"Spock is then lowered, but abandoned when the shuttlecraft takes on damage. Spock's line to the ship is severed and Uhura and Sulu retreat to the 'Enterprise'.

"Back on the planet Bones and Kirk drop the scrolls, revealing this to be Kirk's ruse to get the villagers out of their town before the volcano destroyed it. They run tiwards the ocean, with the Enterprise waiting for them in the water."

"Once on board Spock's predicament is revealed. Making contact, Spock is reluctantly informed that a 'rescue mission' would defeat the purpose of the main mission and that 'the needs of many outweigh the needs of one'.

"Kirk asks Bones what Spock would do if the situation were reversed, and Bones says he would let Kirk die..."

"Star Trek Into Darkness" opens in 3D and IMAX, May 17, 2013.

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