Thursday, June 13, 2013

"Monster High: Fright On !"

Sneak Peek the "Monster High" TV Special "Fright On!, starring the "Monster High: Ghouls Alive" 'living' teenage dolls, including 'Frankie Stein' and 'Clawdeen Wolf', inspired by Universal's classic famous monsters of filmland :

"...for the first time ever, the ghouls of 'Monster High' are brought to life, featuring each character's freaky flaws.

"The 'Frankie Stein' doll amps up the energy as her skull, rib cage and bolts light up to electrifying sounds.

"The 'Spectra Vondergeist' doll glows blue and makes ghostly noises as she haunts the halls for gossip.

"And it must be a full moon since the 'Clawdeen Wolf' doll tilts her head back, closes her eyes and howls at the sky with her arms in the air..."

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Monster High Ghouls Alive Dolls Case

Meanwhile development continues on Universal Pictures co-production of a live-action movie musical, based on Mattel's line of "Monster High" dolls, with award-winning producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron ("Chicago") co-directing from a screenplay by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar ("Smallville").

The "Monster High" Fashion Line doll series, was created by writer Garrett Sander and illustrator Kellee Riley.

Zadan and Meron said that the new film would be "...'Beetlejuice' meets 'Grease' meets 'The Addams Family' meets 'Edward Scissorhands'..."

"Monster High", the first original toy franchise for Mattel since "Hot Wheels" in 1968, are fashion dolls, with clothing accessories, packaged as the children of famous monsters the likes of 'Dracula' and 'Frankenstein', with names like 
'Draculaura',  'Frankie Stein', 'Clawdeen Wolf', 'Cleo de Nile and 'Lagoona Blue'. 

The toy brand, first introduced July 2010, includes a wide range of merchandise and entertainment.
 Products range from "Monster High"-branded clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, dolls, a music video, the 2011 video game "Monster High: Ghoul Spirit", online webisode series, dedicated YouTube channel, a "Monster High" book for teens by author Lisi Harrison and a Nickelodeon TV special.

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