Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New DC Comics' Character In "Arrow" Season 2

According to VancouverFilm.Net, British Columbia-born actress Teryl Rothery ("Hellcats", "Stargate") will play a long-time DC Comics' character, in a 3-4 episode story arc, introduced in "Arrow" Season 2:

Rothery will play 'Jean Loring', described as a savvy attorney who will do 'anything' for her clients and a longtime friend and legal counsel to 'Moira Queen', currently on trial for her role in the destruction of 'The Glades'.

DC Comics' Jean Loring was originally the love interest of tiny superhero 'The Atom', debuting in DC's "Showcase" #34 (September–October 1961), created by writer Gardner Fox and illustrator Gil Kane. 

Loring then appeared continually in minor roles until the 2004 storyline "Identity Crisis", in which she suffered a mental breakdown and murdered 'Sue Dibny', wife of the 'Elongated Man'.

This would later lead Loring to become the supervillain 'Eclipso'.

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