Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Spoiler Footage From "X-Men: Days Of Future Past"

Sneak Peek your first extended look @ "X-Men: Days of Future Past" footage, (yes, its back up) recently screened at Montreal's 2013 "Fantasia Festival", highlighting 'mutants'  Hugh Jackman as 'Wolverine', Patrick Stewart as 'Professor Charles Xavier'and Ian McKellen as 'Magneto'.

Should a 'Sentinel' remove the footage, here is a brief transcript of the audible dialogue, as Xavier and Magneto try to convince 'Logan' to undertake a mission back in time:

Xavier: "What's the last thing you remember...? 

Magneto: "I have a glimpse into the past...

Xavier: "You're going to have to do for me, what I once did for you....

Magneto: "Side by side, to end this war before it begins..."

Logan: "So, I wake up in my younger body and then what ?"

Xavier: "Find me, convince me, and all of this..."

Magneto: "Its going to take the two of us..."

Logan: "And where do I find you...?"


Magneto: "A different past, a darker past..."

Xavier: "Logan I was a very different man...lead me, guide me...be patient with me..."

Logan: "Patience isn't my strongest suit..." 

Screenplay of the new film is by Simon Kinberg, Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman.

The film script story was written by Singer.

The new film adapts Marvel's "Uncanny X-Men: Days of Future Past" (1981).

That comic book story arc was written by Chris Claremont and illustrated by John Byrne.

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "X-Men: Days Of Future Past"...