Thursday, May 22, 2014

'Trickster' Meets "The Flash"

According to reports, DC Comics super-villain the 'Trickster' will be one of the super-villains to appear in The CW's upcoming "Arrow" TV series spin-off, "The Flash":

'Trickster' debuted in DC Comics "The Flash" #113 (June–July 1960) as a practical joker and conman whose favorite occupation is damaging enemies like 'Flash' with items such as explosive teddy bears.

His alter ego is 'James Jesse', a stage name to replace his true identity, 'Giovanni Giuseppe', a circus acrobat who decided to become a criminal just like his 'reverse namesake' Jesse James.

He created shoes that allowed him to walk on air to first help him in the trapeze shows his family was in, as every member of his family was a trapeze expert and his father wanted him to be one also, and other dangerous gag gadgets for his crimes. He clashed with 'Barry Allen' aka the Flash (Barry Allen) many times.

The Trickster has a number of trick items that he employs including itching powder, potato head bombs, exploding rubber chickens, exploding yo-yos, sharpened jacks, hard shell candy and various other joke-themed weapons.

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