Tuesday, July 8, 2014

"The Incredible Hulk Returns" With 'Thor'

Take another look @ the first live-action adaptation of Marvel Comics' 'Thor' in the 1988 TV movie, "The Incredible Hulk Returns", written by Stan Lee and Nicholas Corea, produced by New World and aired by NBC as a 'backdoor pilot' for a potential "Thor" television series.

Thor's appearance differed from the Marvel Comics character created by writer Stan Lee and co-plotter/illustrator Jack Kirby, resembling a more realistic and divine version of the 'Norse God of Thunder' but still closely following the comic in that he is sent to earth to learn humility, the first and only time that magical, supernatural or otherworldly elements have been used in the universe of the "Incredible Hulk" TV series.

'Thor' was played by Eric Allan Kramer and 'Dr. Donald Blake' by Steve Levitt. In this version Blake does not become Thor, who is a separate character. By holding Thor's hammer 'Mjolnir' and shouting "Odin!" Blake can summon the Viking Warrior to help him.

"...'Dr. David Banner' has been gainfully employed at the 'Joshua-Lambert Research Institute' (as 'David Bannion') where he and a team of scientists are putting the final touches on a 'Gamma Transponder'.

"It has been two years since his last transformation into the creature and Banner is now happily involved in a relationship with a young widow. Banner hopes to put all worries about the risk of transforming into the 'Hulk' to rest by using the Gamma Transponder to reverse the effects of gamma radiation on himself. 

"But David is surprised by the arrival of 'Dr. Donald Blake', a former student of his. Blake explains that he now shares a mystical bond with 'Thor, the God of Thunder' of Norse mythology. Blake calls upon Thor to appear in order to prove the validity of his story.

"The Viking god causes David to transform and a battle between Hulk and Thor leaves David's lab severely damaged. With his experiment now set back, David and his transponder become the target of a crime organization..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek 'Thor' in "The Return Of The Incredible Hulk"...