Friday, March 13, 2015

"The Flash" - 'Reverse-Flash' Revealed

Sneak Peek an official first look image of "The Flash" super-villain ''Reverse-Flash', plus leaked set images of the character during a fight sequence, revealing his leather suit in greater detail:

" unnamed figure resembling 'Reverse-Flash' suddenly makes an appearance...

" a flashback to the childhood of 'Barry Allen' briefly shows a yellow figure...

"...killing 'Nora' the mother of 'Barry Allen' aka 'The Flash', by stabbing her, then transporting Barry 20 blocks away.

"He later appears in the present day, when he attacks 'Joe West' after he asked 'Dr. Harrison Wells' to help solve Nora Allen's murder case.

"The figure momentarily appears in front of Joe, in a vibrated state. The attack on West was similar to how Barry described the attack on his mother.

"When the man in yellow leaves, taking all of the evidence in regards to the murder...

"...he leaves a message on the wall for Joe reading 'Stop or else' with a knife penetrating the middle of a picture of Iris..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek 'Reverse-Flash' in "The Man In The Yellow Suit"..