Wednesday, February 24, 2016

"Daredevil: Season 2 - 'The Punisher'

Take a look @ more new images of actor Jon Bernthal ("The Walking Dead") as Marvel Comics' 'Frank Castle' aka 'The Punisher', appearing in Season 2 of the Marvel TV/Netflix series "Daredevil", starring Charlie Cox as 'Matt Murdock' aka 'Daredevil', premiering March 18, 2016 on Netflix:

"...look, I think what makes this show so special is what Charlie's done with 'Matt' and with 'Daredevil'," said Bernthal. 

"What he's done with that is highly unique and they did not want a guy playing just another superhero. I mean, he’s created a fully realized, fully nuanced character and I think that's what you need to do with 'Frank Castle' as well.

"...I think both these men have gone through real trauma in their lives and they're out for justice in their own very, very unique and different ways. 

"A big part of 'Matt Murdock' is he needs to be one very bad day away from being 'Frank Castle'.

"That’s the crux of their conflict: 'You don’t know what I’ve been through. You don’t know what I’m all about. Get out of my way'.

"And this sort of concern for the greater good is something that I think is secondary to this man at this point.

"What’s interesting is you find these two characters that are so alike and so different and then when they collide, they just learn from each other..."

Created by writer Gerry Conway and illustrated by John Romita, Sr. and Ross Andru, 'The Punisher' debuted in Marvel's "The Amazing Spider-Man #129 (Feb. 1974) as a vigilante who employs murder, kidnapping, extortion, coercion, threats of violence and torture in his 'war on crime'.

"Driven by the deaths of his wife and two children, who were killed by the mob during a shootout in New York City's Central Park, the 'Punisher' wages a one-man war on the mob and all criminals in general by using all manner of conventional war weaponry.

"A war veteran of the U.S. military, Frank Castle is a master of martial arts, stealth tactics, guerrilla warfare, and a wide variety of weapons..."

In feature films, Dolph Lundgren portrayed the Punisher in 1989, Thomas Jane in 2004 and Ray Stevenson in 2008.

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