Sunday, December 23, 2018

'Laura Kinney' Is "X-23"

Marvel Comics' "X-23" #7. starring 'Laura Kinney', the daughter of 'Logan' the 'Wolverine', is written by Mariko Tamaki and illustrated by Diego Orlotegui, with a cover by Ashley Witter, available December 12, 2018:

"...'Laura' and 'Gabby' are on the crime-fighting hunt against a group of homicidal creeps. 

"But when Laura comes face-to-face with the mysterious 'X-Assassin', all hell breaks loose..."

Laura Kinney aka 'X-23' was created by writer Craig Kyle for Marvel's "X-Men: Evolution" TV series (2003), before debuting in the "NYX" comic book series (2004). 

Since then the character has headlined two six-issue miniseries written by Kyle and Christopher Yost, a one-shot and self-titled series written by Marjorie Liu and "All-New Wolverine" by Tom Taylor.

She was a clone from a DNA sample belonging to 'Logan', the 'Wolverine'. For years, she worked for the criminal organization the 'Facility', before attending school at the 'X-Mansion' and becoming a member of 'X-Force'. Like Wolverine, X-23 has a regenerative healing factor, with enhanced senses, speed and reflexes. She also has retractable 'adamantium'-coated bone claws in her hands and feet.

Laura Kinney was portrayed by actress Dafne Keen in the Wolverine stand-alone feature "Logan" (2017).

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