Wednesday, November 6, 2019

"Wonder Woman 1984" - Leaked Footage

Take a look at more leaked set footage, plus images from director Patty Jenkins' "Wonder Woman 1984", starring Gal Gadot
, opening June 5, 2020:

"One of my favorite things about making the original movie was that it took place during World War I in 1917," said director Jenkins, "in an era full of metaphors like 'modernity' and the 'mechanized world'. 

"But I grew up in the 1980's' and 'Wonder Woman 1984' has its own look and feel.

"The reason I am excited is it showed mankind at its best and worst. 

"It was grand and wonderful, there was great music and there were elegant and beautiful things. 

"But other things about the decade revealed the worst of us. 

"To have 'Wonder Woman' in that period of time that was us at our most extreme, is wonderful..."

According to the DC Comics' story, archaeologist 'Barbara Ann Minerva', on a dig in the Ukraine discovers proof of the existence of the 'Amazons'.

She follows her findings to the Black Sea, only to find an empty island. 

After 'Princess Diana' of the Amazons returned 'US Navy SEAL' 'Steve Trevor' to the US...

...the Navy called 'Dr Minerva' to translate Diana's language. Minerva became close friends with Diana and 'Lt. Etta Candy'.

...obtaining funding from 'Veronica Cale' for an expedition to 'Bwunda' to wed 'Urzkartaga'...

...a bloodthirsty deity worshiped for centuries by a tribe of African women...

...with Cale secretly acting on behalf of the sons of 'Ares', 'Deimos' and 'Phobos'.  

'Wonder Woman' is unable to prevent Minerva from being wed to Urzkartaga who blames Diana for her forced transformation into 'Cheetah'...

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