Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Dan Aykroyd: "Paranormal Hotel"

Dan Aykroyd, the comedian, actor, screenwriter, musician, UFOlogist and founder of "Crystal Head Vodka", returns to host and narrate Season 2 of "Hotel Paranormal", based on real-life,  bone-chilling otherworldly run-ins, starting July 2, 2021 on specialty channel T+E:

"What makes 'Hotel Paranormal' so unnerving and entertaining is that these are all documented real-life encounters", said Aykroyd. "And the new season has even more scary stories to share than the first.

"I've had a few choice things happen that have confirmed to me that there's a little more than our four dimensions and this spark of life. The spark of life can continue...

"Humans love things of power that are beyond their understanding, that they can't control. Certainly ghostly apparitions and encounters, of which there are thousands happening every day, fall into that category.

"T+E is quite open about the fact that we do reenactments and re-documentation, but the stories are based on real places and real subjects’ experiences..."

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