Sunday, October 10, 2021

"The Expanse" - The Final Season

From TorontoFilm.Net, take a look at the final season of "The Expanse", based on novels by James S. A. Corey, marking the end to the live-action outer space adventure TV series, starring Steven Strait, Dominique Tipper amd Sandrine Holt, premiering December 10, 2021, with new episodes streaming each Friday weekly before concluding January 14, 2022 on Amazon's Prime Video:

" 'Season Six' the solar system is at war as 'Marco Inaros' and his 'Free Navy' continue to launch devastating asteroid attacks on Earth and Mars. As tensions and shared loss threaten to pull the crew of the 'Rocinante' apart, 'Chrisjen Avasarala' makes a bold move and sends former 'Martian Marine Bobbie Draper' on a secret mission that could turn the tide of the conflict. 

"Meanwhile, in the 'Belt', 'Drummer' and what's left of her family are on the run after betraying Marco. And on a distant planet beyond the 'Rings', a new power begins to rise..."

"The Expanse" is set in a future where humanity has colonized the Solar System. It follows a disparate band of protagonists – 'United Nations Security Council' member 'Chrisjen Avasarala' (Shohreh Aghdashloo), police detective 'Josephus Miller' (Thomas Jane)...

"...ship's officer 'James Holden' (Steven Strait) and his crew – as they unwittingly unravel and place themselves at the center of a conspiracy which threatens the system's fragile state of cold war..."

" Season Five of 'The Expanse', multitudes of humans leave the solar system in search of new homes and vast fortunes on earth-like worlds beyond the alien 'Ring'. 

"But a heavy price for centuries of exploitation of the 'Belt' finally comes due, with a reckoning at hand. For the crew of the illegally salvaged 'Rocinante', with the leaders of  'Inner Planets' and the Belt, the past and present converge, bringing new challenges and wide-reaching repercussions throughout the Solar System. 

"'Amos' (Wes Chatham) returns to Earth to confront his past and the legacy of the life he fought to leave behind. 'Naomi' (Dominique Tipper) reaches out to her estranged son in a desperate bid to save him from his father's toxic influence. Bobbie (Frankie Adams) and Alex (Cas Anvar) confront the collapse of Mars as they chase a shadowy cabal with ties to terrorists and criminals. 

"'Holden' (Steven Strait) wrestles with the consequences of his own past with the 'Protomolecule', the aliens who built it, and the mystery of what killed them. 'Drummer' (Cara Gee), with a new crew, fights to escape who and what she used to be. And 'Avasarala' (Shohreh Aghdashloo), refusing to be relegated to the sidelines, fights to prevent a terrorist attack unrivaled in history..." 

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