Thursday, December 29, 2022

IDW Live-Action

Entertainment company IDW will develop six of the company's popular comic books and graphic novels into live-action TV series:

BACCHUS” is based on Eddie Campbell's subversive drama that drops the gods of ancient Greece into present day as if they had never left. 

Campbell's graphic novel, published by IDW imprint Top Shelf Productions, imagines what the Gods of the past might be doing in present day among mere mortals. 

“PUNCHER & SPOONY” is based on the book “Dragon Puncher” by James Kochalka, published by IDW imprint Top Shelf Productions. The Eisner Award-winning comedy adventure chronicles the exploits of Dragon Puncher, a cute but rather ruthless kitty who dons his heroic armored battle suit as he punches out evil dragons together with sidekick Spoony (a fuzzy little friend armed with a wooden spoon). 

“KORGI’ is based on writer-artist Christian Slade's beloved dog opus that follows the stories of a Korgi pup in epic fairy tales of adventure. A fantasy world filled with creatures both adorable and abominable, Korgi is a coming-of-age tale about the friendship between a young fairy and her magical puppy as they uncover the secret history of their homeland and face evil monsters threatening their idyllic community. 

“ LODGER” is based on David and Maria Lapham's IDW-published graphic novel of a young woman bent on revenge against a killer she blames for the murder of her mother and incarceration of her father. A dark, grimy game of cat and mouse in the best tradition of crime noir, Lodger is a twisted love story set against a tangled American landscape. 

“RELIC OF THE DRAGON “ is based on the graphic novel by Adrian Benatar and Miguel Ángel García. The fantasy action-adventure follows the journey of ‘Uric’,  an ordinary man hunting for a relic of enormous power. The most dangerous undertaking of his life, the choices Uric makes along the way will change his life forever - along with the fate of his entire nation. 

“SATELLITE FALLING” is based on the comic books by Steve Horton, Stephen Thompson and Martin Morazzo’. Set in a seedy future of radical technology, sentient aliens and familiar prejudices, Satellite Falling is a sharp social commentary about the horrors of xenophobia. As a corrupt Earth maintains a human-only planet, incredible creatures from across the galaxy are forced to gather on Satellite, a city-sized space station near our planetary system. 

Lilly, the lone human on Satellite, makes her way as a cabbie by day and a bounty hunter by night. But as tensions between aliens and humans reach their breaking point, Lilly's world begins to fall apart as the dark secrets of her past come back to haunt her. 

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