Friday, October 8, 2021

"The Illuminatus!" TV Series

Hivemind, the production company behind SFX live-action TV series "The Witcher" and "The Expanse", continue devloping a new live-action TV series based on "The Illuminatus!" (1975) science fiction novels by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea, to be adapted by writer/director Brian Taylor for European producers Kallisti:

" all starts with the investigation by two New York City detectives, 'Saul Goodman' and 'Barney Muldoon', into the bombing of 'Confrontation', a leftist magazine, and the disappearance of its editor, 'Joe Malik'. 

"Discovering the magazine's investigation into the assassinations of 'John F. Kennedy', 'Robert F. Kennedy' and 'Martin Luther King, Jr.', the two follow a trail of memos that suggest the involvement of powerful elements, as they slowly become drawn into a web of conspiracies.

"Meanwhile, the magazine's reporter, 'George Dorn', is arrested in Texas for drug possession. He is jailed and physically threatened, at one point hallucinating about his own execution. But the prison is bombed and he is rescued by the 'Discordians', led by 'Hagbard Celine', captain of a golden submarine. 

"Hagbard represents the Discordians in their eternal battle against the 'Illuminati', the conspiratorial organization..

 "...that secretly controls the world, ably financed by international drug smuggling..."

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