Friday, October 8, 2021

"War Of The Worlds"

"War of the Worlds" is a live action modern-day reworking of H.G Wells' science fiction story (1898), written and directed by Howard Overman (Misfits") and produced by Studiocanal-backed Urban Myth, stars Gabriel Byrne ("The Keep") and Elizabeth McGovern ("Downton Abbey"), airing Season Two October 28, 2021 on Fox:

" Season Two, 'Catherine Durand' (Lea Drucker) will find out more details about 'Bill Ward' (Byrne). This search might help her to uncover the origin of the 'Invaders' aleens species and the reason why they entered the Earth..."

McGovern plays 'Helen Brown, Adel Bencherif is 'Colonel Mustafa Mokrani, Emilie de Preissac is 'Sophia Durand', Natasha Little is 'Sarah Gresham', Daisy Edgar-Jones is 'Emily Gresham' and Ty Tennant is 'Tom Gresham'.

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